Addressing Information Technology Services Budget Challenges

Posted on: December 26, 2016
Work continues among the Information Technology Services (ITS) leadership team, campus executive leadership, and IT governance to address the ITS budget challenges identified earlier this year.
We have made significant progress documenting ITS service offerings, confirming priorities, providing usage metrics, and describing the value that the offerings provide to campus. A survey was administered in October to all members of IT governance requesting their perspectives on our services and priorities. For example, many survey respondents elevated Box file sharing priority to the Core Infrastructure category and confirmed the need to retire lower priority services, like on-premise Exchange.
The ITS leadership team leveraged the survey input to build recommendations for all services: whether to remain as is, become a fee-for-service, reduce, or retire. We conducted a one day retreat with IT governing committee chairs and co-chairs in November, and they confirmed that overall we are heading in the right direction with the recommendations. Their ideas have been incorporated and these recommendations will be shared with campus this month and next.
In parallel, ITS leadership – with assistance from the Office of Accounting team – has been performing a detailed analysis of all ITS service offerings. This work involves calculating costs by service, including personnel, maintenance, operating and equipment. Detailing these costs is no small task! Thank you to the Office of Accounting team and the ITS directors and their staff for their dedication and tremendous effort. We will use this detailed analysis in January 2017 to determine the impacts of implementing the recommendations.
We are very pleased to welcome our new financial officer, Ashley Oheim! Ashley is coming from Internal Audit and is excited about the opportunity to establish sound financial processes for ITS operations.
Thank you to those who have contributed time towards addressing the budget challenges. The results will be worth it. Your dedication, grit, patience, and understanding are appreciated.