Administrative Systems Modernization Program Launches Website

Posted on: June 12, 2014

The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0), which is part of the Transforming UT initiative, recently launched a new website to enable the campus community to learn more about the program and team membership, stay informed about future design and implementation activities, and anticipate key milestones.

Under the auspices of the Business Services Committee in IT Governance, ASMP 2.0 is the fulfillment of the Administrative Systems Master Plan (ASMP 1.0), which was endorsed in March, 2012. The program includes the implementation of Workday, the new cloud-based human resources/payroll, finance and procurement solution for UT Austin approved by the UT System Board of Regents on December 12, 2013. ASMP 2.0 also includes several projects designed to modernize our technology, applications, and data management environments.

People from across the University will participate in ASMP 2.0 as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), workgroup participants, program team members, or as liaisons for their colleges, schools and units. Over the course of the program, the campus community will be continually informed via the new website, a series of town hall meetings, and FYI sessions for technical staff.

The status and scope of key program initiatives includes:

  • Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll Replacement of the Universitys human resources and payroll systems is underway, with project team members attending Workday HCM training and beginning business process reviews.
  • Financial Management Workday Financials training and planning for reviewing business processes has begun. The design of the Financial Data Model (FDM) will start this summer. FDM is the multi-dimensional structure for Workday accounting and financial reporting.
  • Technology Architecture High-level requirements completed by earlier ASMP workgroups will serve as the basis for the Technology Architecture design. The project team is currently planning the Technology Architecture Design and Specification (TADS) work effort which will begin this summer.
  • Enterprise Data Management The Enterprise Data Management (EDM) project focuses on ensuring the availability and integrity of authoritative institutional data throughout ASMP 2.0. Staffing for the EDM team is currently underway.
  • Application Modernization The Application Modernization project is coordinating the University-wide effort to transition over 1,000 systems–beyond the scope of Workday–off the University’s mainframe environment. Staffing for this team is currently underway and the team is organizing work groups around common needs. Initial support activities have begun for areas that are transitioning first.
  • Student Administration No student administration software solution has been selected. However, student administration representatives from UT Austin are working with eight other higher education Workday Design Partners, to provide input for student administration functionality that may be included in future Workday releases. Requirements gathering for the UT Austins student administration needs will begin this summer, and software alternatives will be evaluated after the requirements gathering is complete.

Learn more about this exciting program via the ASMP 2.0 website and about the thoughtful planning, hard work, commitment, and vision required to achieve UT Austin’s goal of administrative system modernization.

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