Administrative Systems Modernization Program Progress

Posted on: April 2, 2015

The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) has been very busy this spring semester with a host of program updates, ongoing communication initiatives, and opportunities for the campus community to engage with the program in a variety of ways.

In the March 13 Town Hall meeting, Renee Wallace, Associate Vice President for Administrative Systems Modernization, spoke on how and why ASMP 2.0 has decided to go with a new implementation approach for Workday , a cloud-based solution for the management of human resources, payroll, and financials. ASMP 2.0 executive sponsors have endorsed a big bang approach for the HCM/Payroll and Financials functionality of Workday to go live on the same day.

Here are some other program update highlights:

  • After completing all Design Workshops, the Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll team is involved in Design Reviews, giving Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) the opportunity to verify that all the Universitys requirements were identified in the initial Design Workshops. After the reviews are complete in May, the team will enter the Configure and Prototype stage where they will begin configuring Workdays HCM and Payroll functionalities.
  • The Financial Management team is working with members of the University Business Officers Council (UBOC) to gain a deep understanding of each units unique business needs in advance of Financial Design Workshops, which will be scheduled soon.
  • The Student Administration project has selected myUT as the name for the new Student Online Experience Portal. The team is also currently hosting vendor demonstrations for a new student information system (SIS).
  • The Technology Architecture team presented the selections made for the Administrative Systems Technical Architecture at an FYI session in March. An updated version of those presentation materials, along with links to other Technology Architecture team FYI sessions can be found on their project web page
  • To date, the Enterprise Data Management team has identified 216 reporting contacts across campus. These contacts have identified 237 statutory or regulatory, 89 compliance or accreditation-related, and 180 strategic or mission-critical reports. Their work to ensure continued availability of high-quality institutional data is ongoing.
  • The Application Modernization team is working with campus units to identify those applications that will be transitioned off the Universitys mainframe. One-on-one sessions are being scheduled to focus on applications units will be retiring when Workday goes live. For more information, email
  • The Enterprise Readiness team continues to meet monthly with the Readiness Coordinator network, which is comprised of representatives from each campus unit. Readiness Coordinators are responsible for two-way communication between campus units and ASMP 2.0. A directory of all Readiness Coordinators is available on the Enterprise Readiness web page .

To facilitate information sharing and communication the program is now publishing both a blog and Quarterly Newsletter to all employees. These well thought out and comprehensive resources will keep you up-to-date on all the various ASMP 2.0 projects. The ASMP 2.0 Quarterly Newsletter – Spring 2015 edition is now available online .

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