Appreciating Our Student Employees and Interns

Posted on: February 11, 2016


UT Austin has awesome students, who take advantage of the diverse opportunities available on campus to study, grow, and contribute. Many of our students expand their learning and involvement on campus through student employment jobs and internships. In these positions they are challenged to acquire knowledge, skills and expertise that benefit them in their studies, help them make valuable contributions to life on campus, and prepare them for the future careers.

This semester, Information Technology Services (ITS) is very fortunate to have 66 students (64 undergraduates and 2 graduate students) on our team. Students, as both employees and interns, assist in many ways. Currently ITS student employees work in Networking & Telecommunications, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the Information Security Office (ISO), and in diverse positions within Customer Support Services (CSS). We employ students who are studying everything from advertising to chemistry/premed to journalism to theater/dance. You don’t have to be a computer geek to have IT chops! This outstanding and eclectic group of students comes to us on their own and through such programs as the Student Career Internship Program (SCIP) and the University Leadership Network (ULN).

Here are three stories from our current group of student employees and interns:

  • Oscar Gutierrez is a senior working with the ITS Help Desk. He has worked for ITS for almost three years and has become a leader for student employees during that time. As he has grown in his own skills, he has been entrusted with establishing a high standard for new student trainees. He produces well-planned work schedules for his group and is proactive in communicating with management. Kayle Daley, Training Specialist, has worked with Oscar and says His inclusive leadership, enthusiasm for customer service and high quality standards make him an important and valued member of our organization.
  • Harvey Bengan works with CSS Project Manager Karen Villarreal. One of the CSS projects Harvey has been supporting is the Managed IT Support (MITS) computer audit. Harvey has been instrumental in creating, updating, and communicating the status of the MITS Audit Wiki. He has worked closely with MITS technicians to understand the scope and process of the IT audit, and regularly consults with his leadership to understand and fulfill reporting needs and expectations. His work to verify that ITS is meeting all ISO requirements (e.g., encryption) for the ~4,500 desktops and laptops MITS supports will keep campus more secure.
  • Christy Tran has served for two years as an intern in the Office of the CIO. I truly appreciate her support of IT governance and this year Christy will lead the Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology (LIFT) grant solicitation and awards process. Through the LIFT process, more than $500,000 is awarded to IT innovation projects on campus. According to Angie Newell, a member of the faculty and Christy.s mentor, Christy is a first-generation college student and a member of the ULN. She is a fierce and dedicated advocate for first-generation students. She recruits first generation students, connects them with jobs and fellowship opportunities, and connects them with academic resources to help them succeed.

Students can benefit beyond the hours they put in for their jobs. Whether employed in an academic or nonacademic position, student employees are encouraged to take advantage of the Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) Program . SEED provides opportunities for professional growth to help students excel in the student workforce and their future careers. As a SEED partner, ITS joins a group of colleges, schools, and units committed to helping students achieve success in their future employment and in work/life balance.

It is hard to overstate how much the dedicated work of our student employees makes a difference to the campus community. Our sincerest appreciation goes out to this group of fine leaders. Did you know that many ITS careers started with an internship or as a student employee? We are always very happy when someone wants to begin their career with ITS after graduation.

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