Appreciation for Our Stellar Student Employees and Interns

Posted on: February 10, 2017

We are so fortunate here at UT Austin to have a stellar students who are eager to learn, expand their career options, and serve the greater good. Each year, student employment jobs and internships enable our students to be involved on campus, acquire new skills, expertise and knowledge, and prepare themselves for future careers and ways they can contribute to society. Information Technology Services (ITS) is committed to provide real-life employment and internship opportunities for our students.

This semester, ITS has 36 student employees. The academic focus of these students is wide and diverse; their varied interests, skills and talents bring unique perspectives to their work in ITS and expand our understanding of the ubiquitous nature of IT@UT and beyond.

Twelve interns worked on the Workday project last semester, and nine this semester. In addition, four students worked in the Workday@College program, where their training was provided by Workday at no cost to the University.

Many of our students come to us through programs like the Student Career Internship Program (SCIP) and the University Leadership Network (ULN).

Here is one student’s success story:

For much of her academic career at UT Austin, Christy Tran served as an intern in the Office of the CIO. Her support of IT governance was invaluable and made a significant difference to the efficiency and productivity of the meetings. During her internship, she also served as lead for the Longhorn Innovation Fund for Technology (LIFT) grant solicitation and awards process. As a first-generation college student and member of the University Leadership Network, Christy is a strong advocate for first-generation students. Now in her senior year, Christy is an experienced member of the ULN and works as mentor to other students. This year she changed her IT focus and has been working on the Workday implementation.

Student employees across campus can take advantage of the Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) program to accelerate their own professional growth and succeed in their future careers while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. ITS is a SEED partner, and joins a group of colleges, schools and units who inspire and assist students. Free SEED workshops began this week and are offered throughout the semester.

We appreciate the commitment of our student employees and we hope that they will use their time with us to shape successful professional careers – perhaps even with ITS or the Information Security Office. It has happened before, right William Green and Cam Beasley? When you are working with a student employee or intern be sure to offer extra encouragement and support.