ASMP 2.0 – Technical User Road Mapping Toolkit

Posted on: April 7, 2016

April 8, 2016

There will be increasing ASMP 2.0 milestone achievements in the coming year. It is an exciting time of transition and it is helpful to stay informed about new offerings.

The Organizational Change Management (OCM) team, supporting the implementation of the new administrative systems and technical architecture, introduced the first phase of the Technical User Role Mapping Toolkit to IT Readiness Coordinators at their March 2016 meeting. The Toolkit, a product of the Technical Architecture Implementation (TAI) team, is designed to help Colleges, Schools, and Units (CSUs) proactively manage technical role changes. This new slate of tools provides information and planning materials on the new IT services to help CSUs prepare for staff transitions associated with adopting these new services in their unit. Feedback from IT Readiness Coordinators will help the OCM team estimate the training needs for each of the services.

The first phase of the Technical User Role Mapping Toolkit provides information on the following new Service Offerings:

  • Database Hosting: Oracle
  • Document Management: Electronic Document Signature
  • Enterprise Monitoring & Metrics: Data Center Host Monitoring
  • Data Analytics, & Data Collection, Integration Services, Managed Server Support
  • Virtual Machine Gateway (VMG)

Each IT service page provides overview information that can be downloaded, printed, and shared. Phase 2 coming this summer, and Phase 3 coming this fall, will provide information about additional service offerings. A public version of the service pages will be available in the near future.

During each phase, CSUs are asked to engage in an exercise that maps current staff to new roles associated with the IT services adopted in their units. The first round of the role mapping planning effort is due on April 20; CSUs can revisit and update their plans when needed. The TAI OCM team will also use the results of the role mapping exercise to help determine training requirements for campus. IT Readiness Coordinators with questions or concerns can contact TAI OCM for further information and assistance.

The Technical User Role Mapping Toolkit is another great resource developed by the TAI OCM team, TAI Service Owners, and the Application Modernization team to support campus IT readiness going forward. Technical stakeholders can rest assured that their issues, concerns, and questions are of paramount importance to the ASMP teams. By working collaboratively, we will enhance our communication and better serve the needs of the IT staff on campus. Much appreciation goes to the technical and OCM teams for helping us meet the needs of the University’s diverse IT community.