ASMP 2.0 Update and Launch of the New Workday and UTLearn Websites

Posted on: March 24, 2016


Renee Wallace, Associate Vice President, Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) recently announced two new websites that have been developed for Workday and UTLearn. Here are some highlights from her message:

  • Earlier this month, the Enterprise Readiness (ER) team published two new sites. First is the Workday website , which will eventually serve as the information source for all things Workday and focus on Workday training. Currently the site provides resources that introduce Workday concepts such as the Financial Data model, roles, and security to constituents across campus. The ER team will continue posting new resources to the site to help build awareness and knowledge within the campus community. As we approach the Workday Go Live, information on training including links to UTLearn, the new employee training management system, will take priority.
  • The second site developed is the new UTLearn website . UTLearn, the employee training management system, will go-live for Phase 1 implementation on April 4, 2016. This site provides valuable reference material and information on system updates and new functionality. The campus community can access Frequently Asked Questions and other resources.
  • In addition, the ER communications team is working with the Enterprise Data Management team to create a reporting website that will help people access the correct sources for reports, navigate the transition from legacy systems to new systems, and provide data element definitions. The reporting website will go live later this year..
  • As many of you know, the University is transitioning from Web Central to Web Services this summer. The team is already working to redesign the current ASMP 2.0 site using the new University-provided mobile-friendly templates. Once the site is migrated from Web Central to Web Services, the new URL will be Special Kudos to Jenn Coast and her team who have been awesome in helping with this transition.

More sites will be needed as the ASMP 2.0 program moves forward and sustainment planning becomes even more vital. Even after they launch, these websites will have updates and improvements. If you have any feedback or suggestions please contact Kerri Battles on the ER team.

As part of the changes underway, Readiness Coordinators who provide a critical link between the ASMP 2.0 team and their college, school, or unit (CSUs) are being asked to distribute information about ASMP 2.0 in general and Workday in specific to their CSUs. Connie Lobb, Administrative Manager, Customer Support Services (CSS) is the Readiness Coordinator for Information Technology Services (ITS) She will be providing regular updates and information about the ASMP 2.0 program moving forward. Expect to hear from her soon.

The campus community appreciates all the hard work of the ASMP 2.0 team. You are doing so much to help us modernize UT Austins administrative systems! Thank you.