Building the IT Legacy at UT

Posted on: February 9, 2017

Last month, we lost one of the true pioneers of Information Technology at The University of Texas at Austin.

Charles Henry Warlick Sr., PhD, who died on January 6, 2017 at the age of 86, served as Director of the UT Computation Center for decades; his legacy looms large in the history of IT@UT, especially in academic computing. He was a brilliant and humble man, whose career spanned the life of electronic digital computing.

In 1965, his graduate school mentor, Dr. David Young recruited him to UT Austin. Dr. Warlick joined Dr. Young in the management of the new Computation Center. For 31 years, he served the University in a variety of roles – as Director of the Computation Center with a joint appointment lecturing in Computer Sciences, Interim Director of the Center for High Performance Computing, Executive Director for Academic Information Systems in the Office of the Chancellor for UT System and as special advisor to the Provost for Information Technology.

There are many other professional achievements and contributions that can be listed for this man who was such an innovator and role-model for so many. How he touched individual lives is one of the greatest. Here are some the comments people shared:

  • “It was such an honor to have worked under Dr. Warlick at the Computation Center. He treated everyone the same no matter our position. He attended my retirement party and lunch in 1995 after 30 years.”
  • “One of Charlie’s most admirable traits was speaking to folks as though he was just the guy next door rather than the most brilliant head in the room.” 
  • “Charlie was one of the few men I have ever met whose middle name could have been Integrity.”
  •  “Charlie was a mentor, especially in what he taught me about navigating the complexities of a university faculty, which he seemed to do effortlessly. “
  • “The most influential leaders are often the most soft spoken and listen more than they speak. That is how I remember Dr. Warlick from my days there in the late 80’s. A man of few and carefully chosen words, but boy did people pay attention to what he said.”
  •  “Dr. Warlick was a powerful influence in my life for the many years I worked for him at the UT Computation Center and afterwards. I have thought about him often over the years and have always considered myself lucky that I knew him and got to work with him. He taught me a lot.”

Learn more about Charlie on his Memorial website.

Each year the University acknowledges and celebrates staff who have devoted many, many years to transforming lives for the benefit of society. In keeping with Dr. Warlick’s commitment and contributions, here is a list of ITS staff who, for 20 years plus, have also helped build the IT legacy at UT: Megan Rucker, ITS Applications, 20 years; Kourtney De Hass, ITS Customer Support Services, 20 years; Dee Ayers, ITS Networking 35 years; William Green, ITS Networking, 30 years; James Bullock, ITS Systems, 20 years; Donald Nash, ITS Systems, 30 years; Mark Earnest, ITS University Data Center, 25 years.

Thank you all for helping to build the IT legacy at UT.