Celebrating Unix Timeshare and Web Central Retirements

Posted on: November 18, 2016

Last month, Information Technology Services (ITS) hosted a celebration marking the retirements of the UNIX Timesharing System (UTS) email service and Web Central, the legacy shared Web hosting environment at the University. The retirements of UTS and Web Central, endorsed by IT Governance in 2012, took nearly five years to complete.

The celebration was informative and fun, recognizing the work that so many in the University community had accomplished to meet the deadline. Thanks go out to University community members who partnered with ITS to meet the deadline, especially every developer and content publisher who helped build ~700 new sites and archive ~1,700 old sites.

As thank a thank you, Certificates of Appreciation were handed out for:

–Most Sites Hosted on Web Central

o   Tim Fackler, Andre Leroux – College of Liberal Arts

Most Sites Migrated from Web Central

o   Nick Shaff – University Operations TRECS

Earliest Site Migration – six-way tie!

o   Liza Cantu – Cathy Lester IT Excellence Memorial Award

o   Jeremy Cumbo – University Development Office

o   Gabriel Hernandez – Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering

o   Adam Norwood – School of Law

o   Sarah Snow – College of Fine Arts

o   Henry Tijerina III – Executive Vice President and Provost

–Week In/Week Out Consulting (Web Publishing Office Hour Stewards)

o   ITS Apps Web Team: Marty Bylander, Mark Gonzales, Jason Watson

o   ITS Apps Drupal Team: Joe Goodman, Paul Grotevant, Mike Marsello

o   ITS Systems Web Team: James Russell, Victor Olivo

o   ITS Customer Support Services Web Team: Zach Bendas, Maggie Spangenberg, Matt Spangenberg

Special thanks go out, of course, to the entire Web Central Service Retirement project team: Christina Konstantinidou, Jenn Coast, Kathy Perry, Mic Kaczmarczik, James Russell, and Steve Walker. The retirement of UTS and Web Central was a true, multi-team project and involved Applications, Systems, Networking & Telecommunications, University Data Center, Customer Support Services; and the Information Security Office. What an amazing, professional achievement for all of you. You have our deepest appreciation and kudos.

It was fun to learn about the history of UTS and Web Central which served the UT Austin community for decades. UTS, which came online in 1988, served as a mail and web server and a research and data analysis platform for 28 years. Web Central was in operation for 23 years and at one time hosted more than 2,000 websites, 10 million files, and 3,000 email addresses.

So, thank you, Web Central, for the hours you spent serving content in the dead of night, during the university’s most exciting times, and during its most trying times. We also thank you, UTS, for the millions of emails you delivered and for the data you crunched. Your retirements are well-earned and deserved.

Thanks again to everyone for this historic achievement!