Posted on: July 21, 2017

You are likely aware of the Central IT Executive Commission (CITEC), so I wanted to provide some insight around the work it is performing. Formed by the Senior Vice President and CFO Darrell Bazzell, CITEC began meeting in May to review the multiple Information Technology Services (ITS) offerings. It is the intent of the committee to identify those services that should be provided by a central IT organization, and establish clear guidance for future IT services resulting from growth and evolution of technology. The commission’s charge also includes determining which services would be centrally funded or full-cost recovery (fee-for-service).

Comprised of 14 members from business and academic units, CITEC is co-chaired by Dr. Linda Hicke, dean of the College of Natural Sciences, and Dr. Dan Stanzione, executive director of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).

Recommendations for potential changes to service offerings will be shared with stakeholder groups in various outreach methods, including a series of town hall meetings. Hopefully, you had a chance to attend the session on July 12, where some of the CITEC members presented an overview of a recent set of recommendations, and attendees were provided an opportunity to share their input, opinions, and concerns. The commission’s second town hall is scheduled for 2:30 pm, Tuesday, July 25, in Burdine 106. Items to be tentatively discussed include: SailPoint, Building Access Control System (BACS), Residential Networks, Cabling and Construction, Voice, Multi-Media, Router Rental, Private Networks, and Personal Network Access (PNA).

Stakeholders’ feedback will continue to be considered as CITEC finalizes these recommendations for presentation to CFO Bazzell, President Greg Fenves, and Provost Maurie McInnis for their deliberation and related decisions.

With any review like this, we can expect to have a certain amount of angst. That’s natural, as is having a lot of questions. I encourage you to have an open dialogue with your manager/director, or feel free to reach out to me if needed. We will work to keep the communications flowing while we work with the commission.

A website – – has also been developed as a stakeholder engagement and communication tool. I encourage you to engage with them via this forum,, and share your ideas, questions, or feedback.