Customer Support Services

Posted on: April 14, 2017

In the coming weeks, I will focus on the individual groups that make up the Information Technology Services (ITS) portfolio. Many of us on campus are aware of the different ITS groups and cannot say exactly how individual groups help provide important services to our customers and support overall campus IT services so that they run effectively and efficiently. Consider these group-focused messages an introduction or re-introduction to ITS services and projects. Please let me know if you have specific questions or concerns you would like me to address in future ITS Weekly Updates.

The Customer Support Services (CSS) group is one of the most recognizable of our services, providing centralized and distributed technical support and consulting. CSS also operates the UT Service Desk, providing support and management services for colleges, schools, units, and individuals.

Each year, over 100,000 contacts – from students, faculty, researchers, staff, guests, and affiliates - are made to the UT Service Desk. While the vast majority of contacts are IT-focused, it is amazing the variety of queries the Service Desk receives and responds to, including everything from how to get Rhianna tickets to grandparents trying to figure out how to pay for textbooks as a surprise for their granddaughter.  Helping overseas researchers with EID login issues and basic how-to questions regarding UT applications and services is another way CSS provides support. There are other dramatic stories that illustrate when you hang up a shingle saying “HELP,” be prepared for most anything!

The UT Service Desk manages the ID Center for students, faculty, researchers, staff, guests, and affiliates.  Over 32,000 ID badges are issued annually, with the largest number of ID Center badges (~9,000) being issued to students during fall orientation. Throughout the year, the ID Center sets up a kiosk in the North Office Building (NOA) every Monday, to provide badging services during new hire orientation. They are constantly striving to improve services by making the process as convenient as possible and by setting up pop-up services in high-demand areas – like Jester Residence Hall during student orientation.

CSS defines its mission as being committed to educating and supporting customers and one another while living and exhibiting values of Community, Quality, Service and Inspiration. Currently the UT Service Desk is working to improve the customer support experience by developing reports and metrics, including a new survey process. One of the goals this year is to publish a scorecard measuring the service.  Since beginning the survey process in November 2016, over 300 responses have been received.   When asked ‘Overall, how would you rate the quality of your experience with UT Information Technology Services?,’ 82% of the respondents indicated a high-level of satisfaction, 11% were neutral, and 7% felt the service delivery needed improvement.  We are using results of this survey data to provide agent feedback and drive service improvements.

Here are some insightful and helpful comments from our customers:

  •  “This was an excellent interaction. Everyone was very helpful and quick to respond. I have already recommended other people reach out for the support they need because everyone I worked with helped resolve my need.”
  • “That was exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much!”
  • “Got it resolved and got the information that I needed to understand the problematic email also. Thanks.”
  • “Thank you for having a human on the line, much better than other support services that try to solve a problem with a recording.”

The CSS Service Desk can be contacted Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm at 512-475-9400 or by email: 
You can also visit the UT Service Desk home page in the Service Catalog.

On a final note with respect to customer service, last Saturday evening we had an issue with UT Login that was impacting several services we provide.  I would love to tell a story of how we never have issues, but that’s just not the reality of our business.  I am pleased to tell the story of how our team has a laser like focus to resolve issues.  In the early stages of this problem,  the alert went out, and our team stopped what they were doing to join a conference call!  As you can expect on a Saturday evening most of us were doing our “own things”.   No matter, though - team members called in from home, from ball games, from restaurants, and from a concert to right the situation in the most expeditious manner as possible.  It was resolved in an hour or so.  Most of campus would never know you engaged.  Great service is not only what you deliver, but also how we solve customer’s issues.  Thank you!!