Distributed Antenna System Wizardry

Posted on: June 6, 2017

This week marked twenty years since the inception of Harry Potter. Most of the magic of Harry is hidden in history, in time, and in the very walls of Hogwarts. Harry and team are as much about discovering this magic as being supported by it, as they face that which shall not be named. Our students entering campus today do not know a world without the internet and the growing Internet of Things (IoT).  And most of us do not know the complexity of the infrastructure required to deliver that magic. So this week I wanted to highlight some of the investments in network infrastructure and efforts to expand.30

We are fortunate to have many carrier partners and we are pleased to announce that T-Mobile is now the fourth wireless carrier to invest in the university’s outdoor Distributed Antenna System (DAS), joining AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. T-Mobile went live on June 23rd, and final optimization is scheduled over the next week. T-Mobile campus customers can immediately expect improved data and voice services.

The project required installations across 17 rooftops — all connected with 8.5 miles of fiber. Many of our staff engaged to make this happen. Our Networking & Telecommunications Facilities Design team managed the DAS vendor and the overall project, while Cabling and Construction installed the fiber.  Campus partners included Project Management and Construction Services and Building Managers who provided inspections, reviews and construction management!

For a project of the T-Mobile scale, many of our ITS N&T wizards employed their magical gifts. But a few must be lighted from the shadows and thanked, including Jaime Guerra and Jaime Tamez for project coordination/management and Ben Pollard from Cabling and Construction for his leadership and the Outside Plant team of Jeff Gonzalez, Daniel Cantu, David Robertson, Alfred Lockett, Julian Marshall, and their contractors.  You efforts are greatly appreciated.   Other DAS projects are underway to improve services — stay tuned for more updates as fall approaches. This is just another example where the value ITS delivers supports the needs of our campus.