The Evolution of IT Governance at UT Austin

Posted on: November 14, 2013

At this week’s FYI session, Brad Englert, Chief Information Officer (CIO), provided an update on Information Technology Governance . Prior to the fall semester of 2009, UT Austin had 14 disconnected IT-related groups on campus. Accountability and a coherent means of planning for future campus-wide IT needs did not exist. In response to the campus-wide call for better IT governance, the Strategic Information Technology Advisory Committee (SITAC) recommended a new framework for IT decision-making. UT Austin’s IT governance key values are transparency, communication, accountability, and responsibility.

Since inception in January 2010, much has been accomplished. IT governance has effectively supported strategic, operational, and technical IT decision-making. Effective IT governance enables us to share and leverage the best IT thinking on campus.

IT governance has generated a number of benefits: pragmatic IT guidelines, best practices and tools for IT support, approval and oversight of major IT capital investments, and defining technical architectures and network standards for the University. IT governance has also clarified the funding options for IT projects, and provides a framework for discussing and resolving IT funding-related concerns. Funding options include local funding, aggregate funding, aggregate funding with partial central support, and common good funding. You can learn more about this exciting evolution of IT governance by viewing the archive Webcast of the FYI session, or exploring IT Governance on the newly updated CIO website .

Each fall semester, the Office of the President appoints members of the various IT governance committees, and the Faculty Council selects their representatives. During the September 2013 meetings, committee chairs were elected for the coming year:

  • Operational IT Esther Raizen, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research, College of Liberal Arts
  • Research & Education Technology Pat Davis, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy
  • Business Services Kristi Fisher, Associate Vice Provost, Information Management and Analysis
  • IT Architecture & Infrastructure Rich Janes, Associate Director of Software Development and Implementation, Technology Resources
  • Faculty Council IT (C-13) Committee Chang Liu, Ph.D., Director, Learning Technology Center and Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education

The annual IT Governance Accountability Report which summarizes last years accomplishments, and elaborates on priorities for the coming fiscal year will be available later this month on the CIO website.

You can submit any questions or comments via the contact form on the CIO website.

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