Financial and Accounting Support

Posted on: June 23, 2017

I wanted to take a few minutes and provide an update on the accounting and financial assistance that ITS is receiving.  Yes, we are still working through our budget challenges.  We have made some tremendous progress, with still a bit of work to do.  Many of you have assisted in that process and I greatly appreciate it.

What you may not know is that the office of Accounting and Financial Management, which reports to Kristen Walker, and the office of Financial Affairs and Budget, which reports to Mary Knight, has been working alongside us for some time now assisting with developing plans, reports, and providing financial guidance. 

In November of last year, Ashley Oheim joined the team as Financial Officer for ITS, reporting to Kristen.  Ashely’s primary focus is the financial health of the ITS portfolio.  The Director team has been working diligently these past few months to get Ashley up to speed on “all things ITS.”  That progress has been awesome.

It was recognized that the size of the portfolio would require additional support.  It was planned that eventually some staff would be added to compliment that effort.  We are pleased to announce that Quentin Rodriguez, Sr., Financial Analyst, and Zachary Shane, Accountant I, have joined and report to Ashley.  They will help round out her team.


Welcome Quentin and Zach!  The ITS and Financial partnership continues to flourish and we are glad to have you onboard.