FireAmp Advanced Malware Protection Coming Soon

Posted on: October 22, 2015


This month, the Managed IT Support (MITS) team plans to launch a phased deployment of FireAMP–Advanced Malware Protection–to all Information Technology Services (ITS)-owned and managed computers. FireAMP, a malware discovery and analysis platform, identifies advanced malware threats and provides data to scope threats and contain them. Intelligence built into FireAMP helps detect threats, analyze threat behavior, protect devices from infection, remediate threats and contain outbreaks across networks.

FireAMP has already proved effective in mitigating malware threats on campus. The Information Security Office has observed a solid decrease in breach activity in the campus units that have deployed FireAMP. Growth in FireAMP uptake has been approximately 4-5% per month. Technical Support Contacts (TSCs) are finding that FireAMP provides an ideal layer of defense for University-owned, end-user devices. Even if the TSC does not fully manage the unit’s environment, they can provide FireAMP. This also enables TSCs to use the FireAMP console to view events for their unit and identify outdated applications that might be at high risk. In order to encourage uptake, there is no charge to use FireAMP.

The expected roll out of FireAMP in ITS is:

  • Monday, 10/26/15 – Chief Information Officer, Customer Support Services, and ASMP 2.0
  • Tuesday, 10/27/15 University Data Center
  • Wednesday, 10/28/15 Applications
  • Thursday, 10/29/15 Systems
  • Friday, 10/30/15 Networking

After FireAMP is installed on your system, you will see a new icon on your menu bar or system tray. In most cases, no interaction with the FireAMP software is required. Quarantining potential threats or problems is handled automatically. To ensure the best performance possible, all FireAMP settings will be centrally managed, including reporting of detected issues.

Once FireAMP is deployed throughout our entire organization, ITS will be better equipped to deal with advanced malware threats, contributing to improving the overall cyber security of the University. If you experience any technical issues as a result of the FireAMP rollout, or need additional support, please contact your MITS technical contact for help at (512) 475-9406 or by email

In addition to the FireAMP rollout, the ISO has announced that Box will be releasing improvements to its web application beginning on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. UTBox cloud storage is the safe and secure campus-wide service that allows faculty, staff, and students to use Box cloud-based file sharing for academic and business purposes. The improvements bring a new look and feel that is more intuitive and performance improvements that include increased speed of use.

Please keep an eye out for these improvements, and continue to stay cyber safe!

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