Growth in Software and Web Development Contract Services

Posted on: January 20, 2016


The Information Technology Services (ITS) Contract Services team provides valuable service to the University’s colleges, schools and units by providing technical solutions when there are internal resources constraints. Available on a cost-recovery, fee-for-service basis, the team brings a deep knowledge and understanding of IT@UT to their work, aligning projects to meet client goals and institutional priorities, while ensuring application security and accessibility standards are met.

In December 2015, the team updated the service website for prospective clients. Included is information about lists of services offered and technologies used, a description of the engagement process, as well as the current rate of $85 per hour, which is calculated for only cost recovery. Please check out the Contract Software and Web Development  page

Growth trends by billable hours worked is impressive and validating. During Fiscal Year 2013, there were 2,856 hours worked supporting and maintaining existing websites and 7,500 hours invested in developing new sites. Projections for Fiscal Year 2016 are 5,100 hours will be invested supporting existing websites and 10,500 hours will be worked in website development and enhancement. Clearly, a pressing demand is being addressed by this service.

In the coming year, the Contract Services team will continue to improve project estimation tools, migrate sites from the old Web Central platform, transition sites in support of the Digital Experience project, and migrate externally hosted sites that have had cyber-attacks. The team will also be supporting the Administrative Services Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) by shifting development efforts from custom code to the new, standardized application frameworks.

Team members include Francine Bray, Haeli Colina, Mark Fullmer, Jonathan Garza, Paul Grotevant, Anthony Hackner, Rick Hastie, Liping Li, Patrick McCook, Amy Oldendorf, Megan Rucker, Darren Sadr, Rachel Strain, Jana Tate, Denis Thompson, Dale Tilson, Michael Wang, and Jason Watson.

Consistently, this team earns kudos and appreciation for all you do. Thanks to all of you for providing quality, professional services to the campus community!

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