IT Staff Survey and Training

Posted on: May 14, 2015

According to the policies of both the UT System Information Security Office (ISO) and the UT Austin ISO (see links below), all IT professional staff must receive technical training and industry recognized certifications by September 1, 2015 to increase our level of information security. All IT support staff on campus (e.g., help desk, desktop support, server support) responsible for managing university owned IT devices are required to obtain a certification based on an IT training program being defined by the Information Security Office, working in collaboration with campus IT governance, as a way of demonstrating a professional IT skill set.

The first step is to identify IT staff on campus who already meet the criteria, or need additional training. Information was sent last week to all IT staff on campus describing a survey (link below) which was created to help assess whose job functions require IT training, and identify who may be exempt from training due to current IT certifications or professional IT training. Certification exceptions will apply for IT support staff who have already clearly demonstrated mastery of necessary IT skills.

The short, eight-question survey will help identify IT staff who need to receive industry-recognized IT certifications (e.g., SANS OnDemand Training, or pursue other options such as, Microsoft, Apple, Red Hat, Cisco, Comp TIA) and those who may need to complete a UT-specific training course. It is likely that many respondents will be exempt from one or both of the training requirements based on past experience or current credentials. Remember that after September 1, 2015, access to IT tools and services specific to UT Austin will only be available to certified IT support staff. This IT training is a great opportunity to upgrade your skills and receive industry-recognized certifications. A win-win all around.

Response to the survey request has been outstanding with more than 325 IT staff members completing the survey in the first three days. Please take the time to complete the survey, if you have not done so, before the May 31, 2015 deadline. Many thanks to those who have already completed the survey.

If you are interested in providing course content or volunteering to share your expertise as an instructor for the UT-specific training please contact Cam Beasley” , Chief Information Officer, or Sandra Germenis , Director, ITS Customer Support Services. Summary results of the survey will be published during the 2015 summer semester. If you have questions about the new policy, survey, or the overall training and certification requirements, please email .

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