ITS Support for Mooov-In – 2014

Posted on: August 28, 2014

This past weekend, Information Technology Services (ITS) staff helped the University’s newest Longhorns settle in to campus. The experience was fun and inspiring for students, their families and staff. Metrics from both the the ID Center and ITS Help Desk reflect how essential ITS support is during the time-honored tradition of Mooov-in.

The ID Center statistics for the weekend are impressive: 290 students received IDs or EID upgrades (or both). Special thanks to Alfredo Bonilla and Joe Tijerina for doing such a great job.

The ITS Help Desk responded to 275 requests for help over the weekend. Help desk staff were on the phones, responding to email, and assisting folks in person at the walk-up Help Desk and at the Kinsolving and Jester residence halls. Numbers again tell the story: the Average Speed to Answer for calls was 44 seconds, and the Customer Satisfaction Index was 4.9 on a 5.0 scale. One student commented: The person who helped me was professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I rate this overall process a 100/100, and want whoever reads this to know my inquiry was met with professional attention, effort, and success. Thanks!

Kudos to all who worked Mooov-in–Khubyar Behramsha, Hutton Supancic, Steven Coleman, Holden Smith, Zachary Goodman, Ali Homafar, Bowen Cai, Oscar Gutierrez, Jon Lutz, Ebenezer Rosiji, Katelyn Christiansen, Drew Coyle, Ben Ernst, Thomas Pearce, Sam Westerfeld, Javonte Johnson, Micah Ramirez, Nina Le, Sana Vawda, Usama Khan, Joshua Alcala, Eric Hofstetter, Kate Russell, Ruby Philipose, Mallory Walker, Chris Longoria, Justin LaSelva, Zachery Goodman, Daniel Klein and Sandra Germenis, Director, Customer Support Services.

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