ITS Zero Based Budget Update

Posted on: July 26, 2015

In 2009, the Strategic IT Advisory Committee (SITAC) asked Information Technology Services (ITS) to develop a zero-based budget. The SITAC report also recommended we update the zero-based budget every five fiscal years, which we recently did.

At the ITS All Staff Celebration on Monday, July 20, 2015, senior staff presented information about the recent update to the ITS Zero-Based Budget (ZBB). Here is a recap.

The goal of the zero-based budget process is to evaluate and prioritize ITS projects and services and be more transparent and accountable to campus. Before any service is added or retired, that service is evaluated in terms of the services currently offered and the resources available. Aging, underutilized or not-secure services are retired and funds are reallocated to higher value IT services. Rates for ITS services are also reviewed every two years to verify that the actual costs are offered at fair and competitive rates–set by the Chief Financial Officers rate setting team–that are easily accessible on the ITS website. ITS focuses on continual improvement and have conversations with the campus community via IT governance to understand which IT services could be delivered better, more cost effectively, and faster.

Over the past five fiscal years, ITS added new services, addressed growth, and increased value in the face of a constant-level budget. From fiscal years 2010 to 2015, 44 new ITS services have been introduced and more than 30 services have been retired. Examples of new services are UT Login, UTmail, Canvas, Box, Qualtrics, and VoIP. Examples of retired services are University Mail Box Service, Fat Cookie, laptop check-out, printer repair, and Blackboard (next month). The detailed ZBB report inventorying all these changes will be posted to the CIO website next month.

It has been an amazing and extraordinary five years. Lets look forward to the opportunities, challenges, and successes of the next five!

In addition to the ZBB presentation, our ITS All STARS – Julio Puente, University Data Center, Kyle Royder, ITS Applications and Justin LaSelva, Customer Support Services and the Outstanding All STARS Team the ITS UT Login Team – Audrey Barnes, CW Belcher, Kevin Chang, Justin Czimskey, Scott Doane, Kevin Dorff, Robert George, Marta Lang, Kara Nicholas, Aaron Reiser, Sadia Rodriguez, Kyle Royder, Autumn Shields, Dustin Slater were recognized and applauded. Jessica Keas, Administrative Assistant, was honored for receiving the University of Texas Presidents Outstanding Staff Award and Mike Cunningham was congratulated for being named International Data Center Manager of the Year.

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