Kofax Image Capture

Posted on: March 16, 2018

I wanted to highlight a service that we have been working on for some time and just deployed the first roll out.  As part of the new Administrative Systems technical architecture, Image Capture solutions were identified as a service to be modernized.  Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) was selected by the campus community as the replacement for the legacy Kofax Capture solution. Following this selection, an implementation project began to prepare the KTA system for campus.

The first unit to successfully deploy Kofax is Human Resource Services (HRS). HRS marks the first production customer of this new offering from ITS Applications and sets the stage for the remainder of legacy Kofax departments to begin migrating. 

Kofax has had a presence at UT Austin for many years in the form of their Kofax Capture solution, which allowed departments to scan and validate physical documents into an electronic repository for processing and storage. While this solution has done very well for campus, it required individual departments to handle and manage software, licensing, and support responsibilities. The value of this service for campus is that Kofax TotalAgility allows departments to focus less on the technology and more on their unit’s business, while still benefitting from an excellent service they have come to expect. Kofax TotalAgility will allow units to develop fast and efficient ways to process documents (physical or electronic) using optical character recognition (OCR), QR codes, and page layout recognition. These documents can then be seamlessly released into the unit’s repository of choice, including Documentum, UT Imaging, and UT Box.  ITS will manage this single, central license, which will also result in cost savings for campus.

Kudos to the Kofax team, and special thanks to Gilbert Soto, Belinda Perez, Tyler Mathews, and Eric Weigel of ITS Applications Middleware and Commons Applications team for their hard work in preparing this critical service for the University of Texas at Austin.


Thanks folks – we genuinely appreciate what you do!