Leveraging Two Major Modernization Initiatives

Posted on: June 2, 2016

Together with the ASMP 2.0 program, the ServiceNow project is making substantial progress towards modernizing how we deliver services here at the University. ServiceNow is a cloud-based capability that will replace Footprints this July as the tool we will use to manage services and respond to requests for help.

ServiceNow is more robust than Footprints, providing greater support features, including access to a service catalogue and knowledge base. Various working groups have been working to identify the synergies between ASMP 2.0 and ServiceNow to help us realize President Fenves vision of excellence, effectiveness, and efficiency at the University.

Susan Roy, Director, Customer Support Services, is leading the ServiceNow project and is coordinating activities with the ASMP 2.0 technical and functional areas. For example, the ServiceNow team has been working closely with the ASMP Technical Architecture Implementation team to ensure the new IT services are catalogued and accurately represented in ServiceNow. ServiceNow staff have also been in discussions with Workday functional teams to identify potential integration opportunities.

This summer, a new IT@UT site will use ServiceNow to help everyone on campus locate services more easily, find self-help articles, and integrate information from existing knowledge bases such as Ask Us and UT Wikis. The ServiceNow knowledge base will improve over time, incorporating lessons learned from help request tickets, problem resolution, and searches for assistance. We will also be taking advantage of ServiceNow for the go-live and on-going support of Workday beginning in July 2017.

The ServiceNow project, like the ASMP 2.0 program, is a once in a generation opportunity to leverage two major initiatives to modernize IT and business services on campus.

Thanks go out to the ServiceNow and the ASMP 2.0 teams who are working well together to identify synergies, address interdependencies, cultivate a holistic understanding of these campus-wide initiatives in order to dramatically improve service delivery at UT Austin.