New UT Drupal Kit Provides Tools to Quickly and Easily Set-up a Website

Posted on: February 15, 2015

Drupal is the University’s most widely used Content Management System (CMS), providing more efficient, secure, and easy-to-use web publishing options for the entire University community. On January 29, 2015, Information Technology Services (ITS) launched the UT Drupal Kit which provides two new tools for Drupal development.

Input from members of the UT Drupal development community guided the development of the UT Drupal Kit. The community expressed a desire for a UT-specific Drupal package, including a set of commonly used Drupal modules and items relevant specific to the University environment, such as the integration with UTLogin.

The first tool is a UTLogin Module to integrate with the centralized authentication service UTLogin which enables EID login for University Drupal websites. The second tool is Drupal Distribution for use in building websites. The Drupal Distribution capability provides more standardized central support for Drupal-based web publishing.

The Drupal Distribution is updated regularly as new versions of the components are released. In the future, the UT Drupal Kit will be expanded to include Drupal themes and templates being created as part of the University Communications Digital Experience (DigX) project, which is refreshing the University’s home and core web presence.

The UT Drupal Kit also forms the foundation for a future managed Drupal service. ITS is currently investigating Drupal managed hosting options in the Managed Drupal Hosting Assessment project . A managed service will include improvements in the efficiency and scalability of Drupal website support, along with increased access to the Drupal platform for business areas with limited IT resources.

The launch of the UT Drupal Kit is an exciting development for the overall Drupal Services Program. The program is a great resource for the UT web publishing community, creating and providing services that make Drupal simple enough for both technical and non-technical users. Web publishers across campus benefit from being able to quickly set up a website in fewer steps. You can learn more about the overall Drupal Services Program on the website .

If you have specific questions about the UT Drupal Kit, please visit the UT Drupal Kit service pages .

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