Patching Completed with Zero Drama

Posted on: October 15, 2015


Team work is so important in much of what we do; here’s a quick story that illustrates the point. Quietly and without fanfare, the Managed Server Support (MSS) and Web Contract Services (WCS) teams accomplished the first quarterly patching of the UT-V (Virtual Servers) hosts that comprise the UT Content Management System (UTCMS) production environment. This sounds straight forward, but it is a complex environment and an important and highly visible.

Planning and coordination between Jason Henry and Zach Helke on the MSS team and Joe Goodman and Larry Archer on the WCS team lead to flawless execution. This maintenance was completed with ZERO downtime, meaning the UT homepage and core site remained available throughout the entire process. The use of TEST and QUAL environments enabled all of the procedures to be tested well in advance ensuring that everything went smoothly.

Kudos to everyone involved for working so hard to be sure the patching was completed with zero drama. No one noticed the work being accomplished, and sometimes that is the very best achievement!

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