Electronic Physical Security System (EPSS) Replacement

January 24, 2022

The EPSS Replacement project was substantially completed in December 2021.

Exceptions: Three buildings which run on older technology (analog or non-networked) - one of them is being converted to networked devices, while we are trying to find a short-term workable solution for the other two. 

Genetec Synergis Access Control system will replace the current systems. This will allow us to integrate with the existing Genetec Video Security system towards an unified security system. Mercury M5 hardware are non-proprietary and will allow seamless replacement of our legacy hardware, with minimum disruption to campus. These devices are non-proprietary and can be configured to work with any EPSS software.

Status Updates:

  • All phases are now complete. The ITS EPSS team is working on a solution for the three buildings that run on analog (non-networked) technology