Electronic Physical Security System (EPSS) Replacement

August 4, 2019

The current access control software that UDC manages (Picture Perfect 4 and the OS it runs on, AIX) will be end-of-life within the next 2 years. The associated hardware devices are proprietary to the Picture Perfect system. The EPSS Replacement project aims to replace the current BACS system with a modern EPSS system, integrated with the video security system, and updated non-proprietary hardware devices.

Based on customer stakeholder feedback, stakeholder requirements analysis, peer data analysis, leading EPSS system evaluations, the Genetec Synergis Access Control system was selected to replace the current system. This will allow us to integrate with the existing Genetec Video Security system towards an unified, integrated security system. Mercury M5 hardware were chosen to allow seamless replacement of our legacy hardware, with minimum disruption to campus. These devices are non-proprietary and can be configured to work with any EPSS software.

Status Updates:

  • Contract was signed with Knight Security Systems in May 2019.
    • Vendor mobilization (team resources and hardware ordering) is in process 
  • Both UT and vendor teams are currently working on the pilot building for the project.
  • Surveys (pre-commissioning) in progress across Phase 1 
  • Customer communication: