Group Email Emma Implementation

August 23, 2019

The Regroup-based Group Email system was retired on 8/21/19.  All Group Email customers have been transitioned to the new Emma-based system, available for authorized users at


The Group Email mass communication service allows authorized university employees to send email messages to targeted groups within the university community for business purposes.  Service customers have asked for a number of improvements which are not readily available in the current service, based on the vendor product Regroup.  As a result, a committee of service stakeholders evaluated a set of alternative mass communication products and recommended that the product Emma be implemented to replace Regroup as the foundation for the Group Email service.

The Group Email Emma Implementation (GEEI) project will be limited to replacing existing Group Email functionality and email groups, as the project team integrates Emma into the service.  While Emma will provide new capabilities, the expansion of the service with additional data, email groups, and features will be handled after the initial replacement is complete.


The primary goal of the GEEI project is to maintain the availability of the Group Email service for customers.  This will be accomplished by delivering the new version of the service before the expiration of the university's contract with Regroup.  The transition will be considered successful when:

  • The new service has been tested successfully for the delivery of all required features.
  • Email group moderators and senders in the current system are authorized to use the new service with the same or functionally equivalent roles.
  • Active email groups in the current Group Email service have been transitioned to the new service, either through data loading or through the availability of functionality by which a group owner may re-create a custom group.
  • Email group moderators and senders in the current system have been trained to use the new system.


Work on the Group Email Emma Implementation began in January 2019.

  • 7/23:  Emma-based Group Email system release for Production use
  • 8/21:  Regroup-based Group Email system retirement