Network Core Lifecycle Upgrade

June 2, 2019

This effort is scheduled for completion in December 2019. (delayed by NAP-M construction problems)

Project Summary

Regular lifecycle equipment upgrades to core network equipment will be performed as the service is moved to NAP-M. The value of the project is maintaining a performant, secure, vendor supported, and compliant network service that connects all buildings on campus to each other and the Internet. (Current equipment will soon be unsupported.)

  • Architectural design review has been completed
  • Equipment has arrived.
  • NOC-B installation, Phase 1, in progress.¬† Activation and migrations will take place 7/14/2019 - 7/20/2019.
  • NAP-M installation, Phase 2, is delayed by construction issues.
  • NAP-PRC installation, Phase 3, is pending completion of NAP-PRC facility upgrades.