Planned Outages Transition

October 12, 2020

Changes in the IT Maintenance Calendar have been developed.  Testing is scheduled to begin shortly.

Many service teams within ITS have begun to use the planned outage functionality in UT ServiceNow.


Information about planned service changes that are expected to result in a service outage will be moved from the IT Maintenance Calendar to UT ServiceNow’s Alerts & Outages page.  (Please note that current staff, faculty, and students must be logged into UT ServiceNow to view planned maintenance information.)  This change will not affect other information managed in the IT Maintenance Calendar, including recurring maintenance windows, non-disruptive maintenance events, and maintenance black-outs.


This change consolidates all information about service outages, both planned and unplanned, into a single location.  Following this change, IT service customers will find all notices for current service outages on the Alerts & Outages page. Previously, customers had to check both Alerts & Outages and the IT Maintenance Calendar to find all relevant outage information.  This created confusion at times, particularly during planned disruptive maintenance activities.

Change Details

The transition with occur in two phases.  In phase 1, the ability to create planned outages, as part of making a change request, will be added to UT ServiceNow.  With this functionality in place, ITS teams will post planned outages to ServiceNow as each team adopts usage of the new ServiceNow change request form.

Phase 2 will be implemented in the IT Maintenance Calendar after all of ITS has adopted the new change management process.  

  • Planned outage functionality will be removed from the IT Maintenance Calendar, and maintenance publishers will no longer be able to create planned outages here.
  • Recurring maintenance events will become maintenance windows, indicating times when regular maintenance may be scheduled.  These series will no longer be marked as disruptive or non-disruptive.
  • Maintenance publishers will continue to schedule one-time non-disruptive maintenance events and maintenance blackout events as before, in the IT Maintenance Calendar.


  • Phase 1 Production implementation:  7/30/20
  • ITS change management process rollout:  August – November 2020
  • Phase 2 Production implementation:  12/1/20