TRAC Retirement Project

February 13, 2019

The TRAC service was retired on 2/11/19, and the project is complete.  Subscription information for services formerly managed in TRAC may be accessed via UT ServiceNow.

Project Summary

The Technical Resource Account Controls (TRAC) system is out of support and in need of retirement.  The services which still make use of TRAC are being transitioned to newer, fully supported systems, to enable more secure and consistent service.


At this project's inception, four services were using TRAC:  Austin Disk, for both individual and departmental accounts, Personal Network Access (PNA), Resnet, and Office 365.  Account management functionality for each service is being transitioned individually, with the exception of combining the PNA and Resnet transition, as the two services share similar business processes.  In order to maximize resource assignments, requirements and design will be developed for each service, in the order listed above; implementation for the transition of the first service will occur while requirements and design are documented for the second service, and so forth.


Austin Disk

The Austin Disk transition was completed 11/10/2017.

PNA and Resnet

The PNA and Resnet transition was completed on 5/11/2018.

Office 365

The Office 365 transition was completed on 12/11/2018.