Wireless Access Point Upgrade (2700 Model)

November 17, 2022
  1. ITS is awaiting delivery of the WAPs
  2. 802.3at POE switches received and being deployed
  3. Electrical work is complete

Project Summary

Unsupported Wi-Fi Access Points (WAPs) and related infrastructure will be lifecycled.


Nearly 5,000 WAPs (model 2700/3700) across over 130 buildings lose support June 2023 and will stop operating when software is next loaded for security patches and updates.  The WAPs have been in service between five and eight years depending on their date of purchase (meeting lifespan expectation).  The WAPs replacing them will be three generations newer boasting much higher speed, quality, and capacity.

The project may be followed on its wiki page, along with its FAQs.

Status Item Due
Completed Design September 2020
Completed Building level estimates November 2020
Completed CSU level estimates February 2021
Completed Detailed survey and costing July 2021
Completed Accounts/orders from CSUs August 9 and 16, 2021
Completed ITS will transfer funds for Electrical work and PMCS contractor will implement September 2021
Completed Revised cost and collections from CSUs April-August 2022
Completed Equipment orders placed April 2022
Late Equipment received (currently expected mid-December due to supply chain issues) September 2022
Late Installation begins (expected mid-December 2022) September 2022
Late Installation completed (expected June 2023, vendor has been extending support) February 2023