Security Services To Use Now

Posted on: January 26, 2014

Information security is much in the news these days and remains one of the highest priorities here on campus. To keep the University’s IT resources secure requires vigilance by everyone. The Information Security Office (ISO) recently sent a reminder about free information security-related services available to the campus community. When faculty and staff take advantage of these services, data is protected and available when it is needed.

  • FireAMP is a new malware protection tool provided at no additional cost by the ISO to be deployed on University-owned computers. Since July 2013, data from campus deployments shows FireAMP to be much more effective than traditional anti-virus tools. Currently there are 7,330 FireAMP clients provisioned in 75 different campus units. A free consumer version of the product – Immunet – is available for use on personally owned computers.
  • The UTBackup service, which offers a centralized, automatic computer backup solution, is currently backing up 4,866 people on campus; this number continues to grow. 80% of campus faculty members are using UTBackup, accounting for some 162 Terabytes of backed up data. The UTBackup service is available for all faculty and staff at no additional cost.
  • The UTBox service is a cloud-based secure storage service available at no additional cost to faculty and staff. UTBox provides a simple, secure way to store and share data, as well as collaborate with colleagues world-wide. Currently 10,850 campus users take advantage of the UTBox service storing a combined 16.5 terabytes of data and accounting for thousands of daily logins.
  • Stache is a very handy password escrow service developed by the Information Security Office. It leverages hardware security modules to ensure your sensitive entries are always protected and makes it easy to share credentials, licenses, etc. with others on campus.

Questions about any of these services can be directed to the ISO .

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