Shared Services Campus Dialogue

Posted on: October 27, 2013

This month the Shared Services project of the Transforming UT Initiative has moved from the Planning to the Campus Dialogue Phase. During the Planning Phase, launched in May 2013, the UT Shared Services project team conducted more than 100 workshops, interviews, and focus groups across campus. The team used the information and perspectives from these interactions to create the draft plan which is now available for campus review and discussion.

The current Campus Dialogue Phase provides another opportunity for the campus community to offer feedback and ideas. Between now and mid-November, the project team will be presenting the draft plan to a number of campus constituents and will facilitate discussions of the draft findings and recommendations.

There are four ways you can participate:

  1. Review the Shared Services Draft Plan
  2. Send comments, suggestions, or questions via email to:
  3. Complete the Shared Services feedback form
  4. Sign up via the Transforming UT website to receive periodic updates via email

Implementing Shared Services offers the opportunity to redefine how administrative and IT services are delivered on our campus. Some–not all–tasks will move from the college, department, and unit level to a new shared services organization staffed and managed by UT Austin employees. Over the 4 to 5 year implementation process, about 500 administrative and IT positions will be reduced, largely through attrition and retirement. We estimate this move will generate an annual benefit to the University of between $30 million and $40 million. Over time, replacement of our administrative systems with Workday , a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, will contribute to overall benefits.

The vision of Shared Services focuses on high quality service, accountability and performance. Through Shared Services, UT Austin will be better able to create new and improved ways to deliver administrative and IT services.

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