SIP Trunks

Posted on: April 13, 2018

I wanted to share some work being done by our Voice team in the Network and Telecommunications (N&T) organization.  Making phone calls in and out of campus probably doesn’t cross your mind too much, but there’s far more to the process than meets the eye.  N&T recently completed moving all incoming and outgoing phone calls from legacy technologies to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)-based system and technology. This change was planned as part of the original VoIP Project to reduce phone rates and provide unmetered long distance services.  Many of you probably thought the VoIP Project was completed back in 2015. The move to VoIP in the buildings was completed, but the 35 year old phone switch supporting the old system has been providing external connectivity until recently. 

Last year, the University selected AT&T’s IP Flex service to provide Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based trunk service to campus.  This system provides greater bandwidth utilization and potential cost savings.  A small trial set of trunks was established, and N&T performed extensive testing of call flows and interactions with older analog equipment, such as fax machines and dial-up modems (yes, we still have a few of those around) with the new service.  The goal was to ensure a seamless transition and duplicate the survivability of the older technology on the production SIP trunks, while implementing geographically and logically separate dual routes.

Starting in the last week of January, outbound and inbound voice calls began to be routed over the new SIP trunks.  By mid-March, all 35,000 daily calls into or out of the University were successfully using the new SIP Trunks. Now that the external trunk has been converted, only a few internal phone systems remain.  Almost time to celebrate -  35 years of faithful telephony service.

Thanks to the Voice team for their work, especially:  Mark Trifiro, Penn Rabb, and Nelson Ralls.

And speaking of decades of useful and highly valuable service, next week, we celebrate the service milestones of our awesome staff.  We will be celebrating accomplishments of several members of the ITS team with service ranging from ten to fifty, FIFTY! years of service. Please look for events celebrating our team members and congratulate them for their service!  

Thank you team for all you do for our University!