Top Technology Trends for 2017

Posted on: January 13, 2017

As this New Year begins, it is exciting and challenging to imagine what tech trends will have the most significant impact in 2017. How will technology change business, government, finance, education, medicine and lifestyle? How will our lives be different and (hopefully) improved because of technology when this year ends?

Hugh Forrest of SXSW, Jay Williams of Cerebri and Jay Boisseau of Vizias, spoke on the Top Tech Trends for 2017 (And Beyond) at the first Austin Forum on Technology and Society (Austin Forum) session of 2017. It was a fascinating discussion; here are some highlights:

  • Hugh Forrest discussed the technological and cultural changes that have appeared in the content and programming for the 2017 SXSW festival. Participants at this year’s festival can expect to learn about new health and medical technologies, Transportation 2.0, “artificial smartness,” diversity, combating “Fake News,” and new issues in Foreign Affairs – particularly relating to the Russia and the U.S. cyber agendas.
  • Jay Boisseau gave an overview, discussing who makes technology predictions, why they make them, and who the intended audience is. Taking the lead from over 20 tech media sources, analysts and consultants, he identified five core technologies common to their lists. These core technologies are vital for emerging technologies such as precision medicine and autonomous vehicles and include: the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The Austin Forum had recently hosted Patrick Curry’s riveting presentation on virtual reality, so Boisseau and Jay Williams presented quick overviews of the remaining four topics. And each topic will be presented individually and in more depth at upcoming Austin Forum events.
  • Jay also discussed the Internet of Things (IoT) – everything from smart homes, buildings, and autonomous vehicles to smart cities – noting that with all the progress and improvements there will also be significant security risks and challenges. To emphasize this point, Williams followed with an overview of cybersecurity including a video about the potential catastrophic impact of cyberattacks to IoT. Williams also discussed artificial intelligence and the ethical dilemmas that arise as we become more dependent on technology for decision-making in our daily lives. Williams finished with a discussion of blockchain, a new public ledger for recording the history of transactions.

You can learn more on the Austin Forum website and find out about up-and-coming topics, as well as peruse the archive of previous topics.

The next Austin Forum will focus on:

From Idea to Innovation: How to Start a Tech Company that Matters.
Wednesday, February 1, 2017
118 Nueces in Downtown Austin

 These are really great and informative events! Hope to see you there.