Turning the Update Over to Chris

Posted on: July 27, 2018

Well, this is the last weekly update I will pen.  Chris Sedore joins our team next week, and I will hand the update role over to him.  A lot of thoughts arise as I think about this last year or so in this role.  Many of you have stopped me these last few weeks and said thanks.  But I want to say THANKS to all of you.  I greatly appreciate what we have accomplished together during my time at the helm.  It has been a genuine privilege.

I could not begin to capture all that you do – but here is a snapshot of some fun statistics.  I thought this would be helpful for Chris and I wanted to give him a sense of how high you have set the bar. 

In the past six months, Customer Support Services reports the following points of excellent service:

  •  Ticket survey results:  91% of customers indicated a positive experience with their interaction with the Service Desk 
  • Service Desk customer interactions:  49,131
  • Total tickets closed by Customer Support Services:  50,621
  • Total cards printed by the ID Center:  19,985

Some outstanding facts about our Systems services include:

  • Provided approximately 2,000 cost-effective, reliable, self-provisioned virtual machines (VM) to campus with the benefits of server virtualization, including improved server reliability and availability, easier web-based VM administration, lower total operational cost, and smaller carbon footprint through more efficient utilization of physical servers
  • Supported approximately 18,000 faculty and staff Office 365 accounts and 200,000+ student, alumni, and retiree UTmail Google accounts, which accounted for over 70 million incoming and outgoing email messages in the past 30 days
  • 300,000 mainframe batch jobs are executed monthly, delivering 70,000 Green Output reports to 1,300 individuals, while handling 1.4 billion calls to Adabas every day (over 350 billion annually) from batch, 3270, UTDirect, and Apply Texas
  • Provided central service which allows campus systems administrators and desktop support staff to deploy the latest Microsoft product updates to over 8,000 hosts, for both Windows OS and Microsoft Office

A few superlative accomplishments from Applications:

  • 50 million web authentications per year and 750,000 EID password changes processed per year
  • 310 applications in the Python Production Environment (PyPE) with 126 million page requests per year
  • 27 million page views for the University’s core web site and 130 sites deployed with UT Drupal Toolkit
  • 166,000 customer tickets processed in ServiceNow over the past year

Networking and Telecommunications has not been sitting idle:

  • 306,000 devices connected to the network.  210,000 of the devices were wireless, where we added over 600 wireless access points this year.  Another 96,000 were wired, where 21,000 Ethernet ports were added or replaced this past year.  It takes 12,500 pieces of network equipment to make that all happen.  
  • There were 22,000 phone lines where people talked an average of 6,500 hours a week.
  • 740,000 feet of cable was placed by us and contractors we supervise to support expansion of those services.
  • Communications design and inspection was provided for fourteen large capital construction projects (2017-2022 university cost of $1.4 billion) and many smaller construction projects yielding over 500 work orders.  Large projects include: Rowling Hall, Health Discovery Building, and Engineering Education and Research Center, to name a few.
  • Multimedia support was provided for 250 events (from large events like football and commencement to small colloquiums).

The Data Center / BACS team was diligently focused on the following:

  • UDC now supports 24,000 square feet of data hall space in 5 buildings, with 2000+ devices installed across 400+ server racks.
  • These support ITS, 36 schools / units, and 4 regional customers.
  • BACS maintains / monitors 2500 badge readers, 3000 alarm points, and 1200 security cameras campus-wide.
  • In the last 6 months the team has processed over 3600 customer request tickets.

It’s fair to say that our team provides significant value to the campus.

Welcome Chris!  I'm passing you the baton.  You are inheriting an awesome team!

— Michael Cunningham