Upcoming Changes to Two-Factor Authentication

Posted on: March 3, 2016


Since July 2014, UT Austin has been using a two-factor authentication process to protect and secure online information. The University of Texas System has mandated that two-factor authentication be used in certain campus systems and the tool we have been using, Toopher, does not fully comply with this mandate. To provide a more secure online learning and working environment, a new two-factor authentication tool called Duo will be introduced to campus over the coming months. Once the new two-factor Duo security platform is fully implemented, Toopher will be retired.

Phase 1 March 14, 2016: Access to the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) will require two-factor authentication via Duo. Current VPN users have been contacted by email with instructions on how to set up their Duo account. Learn more on the VPN with Two Factor Authentication webpage 

Phase 2 – May 2016: Online access to services such as W-2 download, payroll and non-payroll bank routing updates, etc. will be transitioned from Toopher to Duo. As we approach the date for this transition, more information will be provided about this change.

Phase 3 – July 2016: Toopher will be retired from use on campus.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete your Toopher pairing or the Toopher Smartphone app before Toopher is formally retired. You will still need Toopher to access services while the transition to Duo is in progress.

Learn more about two-factor authentication and how to use Duo on the Two Factor Authentication website .

If you have any questions or need assistance with two-factor authentication, please contact the ITS Help Desk at or (512) 475-9400.

UT Austin and UT System continue to work together to find new and creative ways to enhance and improve cyber-security for the campus community. Our deployment of two-factor authentication places us at the forefront of large research universities protecting important digital information.

Thank you for your support in helping maintain the safety and security of our campus online environment.

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