UT Forge to Git

Posted on: April 7, 2017

Improvements and advancements happen frequently in the information technology (IT) world; it can be difficult to keep up. Information Technology Services (ITS) periodically reviews our services to make sure we are taking advantage of these advancements doing some of the work for you.

Often, this means simplifying the services we offer, rather than duplicating them; multiple systems on campus that accomplish the same or similar tasks are more expensive and difficult to maintain. A case in point is the ongoing migration from UTForge to Git. Git, provided by GitHub, is an industry standard version control system and provides the UT IT community with new, updated ways of providing services to our customers. The campus developer community gets improved version and source code control. Git is supported by the Development Operations (DevOps) team, part of the Middleware and Common Applications group within ITS Applications.

Recently, ITS Applications team members Pat Scherer, Stephen Fernandez, and Richard Krieg presented an FYI session on migrating from UTForge to Git. ITS Applications is providing information, tools, and support to colleges, schools, and units (CSUs) to assist in their migrations and will have “Discovery Discussions” with everyone involved to ensure all questions and concerns are dealt with and the migration timelines are reasonable for everyone involved.   The DevOps team is offering several tools that the community can use to migrate their current UTForge repositories to Git.

During the FYI Session, presenters demonstrated migrating a UTForge repository with associated histories to GitHub and provided answers to these questions:

·         What factors are driving the need to migrate from UTForge to Git?

·         What does migrating entail? 

  • Where do CSUs go for Git information/training/assistance?

To learn more about the migration to GitHub, you can access and watch the presentation on the FYI Homepage as well as look at past and pending presentations. There is also great information provided in the GitHub at UT Quickstart Guide. For the developer community across campus this transition is a true plus!  


Thank you for your interest and support as we go about implementing changes and improvements to the services we offer.