UT Virtual Machine Gateway Available to Campus in April 2015

Posted on: March 19, 2015

The Early Adopter testing of the UT-Virtual Machine Gateway (UT-VMG) launched in December 2014. During this trial period, key stakeholders on campus ran UT-VMG in production and provided valuable feedback on this new, more efficient way of provisioning and managing Virtual Machines (VMs). The Early Adopter phase was a last step before the new UT-VMG service becomes available campus-wide on Monday, April 6, 2015.

Based on the VMware vRealize Automation product, UT-VMG provides self-provisioning and self-managed VMs to the campus community. The UT-VMG initiative was reviewed and approved by the Architecture and Infrastructure Committee of IT Governance and is a direct result of UT-V customer feedback requesting a more automated, timely, and cost-effective VM solution.

UT-VMG customer benefits include:

  • Creating Provisioning Groups for their area(s) so that Colleges/Schools/Units (CSUs) can self-provision and self-manage VMs
  • Provisioning time that is usually under 15 minutes
  • 24x7x365 access to provisioning and managing their own VMs
  • Taking their own snapshots and changing their VMs memory, disk and CPU specifications

When the service is launched, CSUs will be able to request UT-VMG Provisioning Groups via the UT-VMG Service Page and the ITS Help Desk will manage the UT-VMG on-boarding process. As a reminder, rates for UT-V and UT-VMG were both lowered on September 1, 2014, changing the legacy model by providing individual rates ( la carte) for all components of the service. This rate structure enables optimal flexibility for users of the service and aligns with the capabilities of UT-VMG. Customers can also use the UT-VMG cost calculator to determine annual, pro-rated, and daily costs of a VM.

Along with the improved functionality of UT-VMG, backups are advancing. VMs in UT-VMG have self-service restoration options available. As of October 6, 2014 new VMs in UT-V and UT-VMG are backed up on a daily basis, including all virtual disks, unless customers opt out of backups. As of April 6, 2015 existing VMs in UT-V can opt-in for this new backup service. For more details, including billing information, see the UT-V Policies Page . With the launch of UT-VMG this April, the old UT-V service name will be retired and the updated service will be renamed UT-VMG. (This change will be reflected on the service web page.)

Please contact David Pavkovic , Senior IT Manager, if you have any questions about UT-VMG.

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