UTBackup Has Eye-Popping Growth!

Posted on: December 11, 2014

There is exciting news about the UTBackup service that enables UT Austin’s faculty and staff to back up their computer data to the secure University Data Center at no cost. During the past twelve months, the service has grown from supporting 3,916 faculty and staff computer devices and backing up 99.9 terabytes of data to now supporting 6,276 devices and backing up 173.9 terabytes of data .

This is an eye-popping 60 percent increase in the number of devices covered, and a 74 percent increase in the amount of data being backed up.

Why is UTBackup so popular? UTBackup provides an enterprise-level, centralized, and automated digital data backup solution. The service is easy to set up, runs in the background, and assures faculty and staff that their data is being backed up safely and securely. For computer administrators, UTBackup provides greater data security and integrity, and reduces technical support and infrastructure costs. The sustained growth of the service demonstrates that many faculty and staff value the peace-of-mind that comes from having their data backed up securely and safely.

The data storage allocation in UTBackup is 100GB for faculty and 20GB for staff of compressed, de-duplicated storage space per device per year at no cost. For units wanting to purchase additional departmental allocations above the common good funded data storage quotas, there is good news. Rates were decreased on August 1, 2014 to $0.35 per gigabyte of data per year. In addition, the UTBackup technical environment was recently updated and licenses for the service were renewed for the next five years.

The service request form has been updated to enable organization administrators and billing contacts to keep UTBackup service administrators in the loop when there are changes to their billing accounts or technical support contacts.

To learn more about the service, go to the UTBackup Service Page.

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