UTLogin Stability

Posted on: June 1, 2018

As many of you know, we provide more than 150 different services to the campus.  Last year during one of my listening tours with the College of Natural Sciences (CNS), I was informed that the ups and downs of UTLogin were greatly impacting their students and staff.  

UTLogin provides centralized authentication (single sign-on) services for more than 250 campus systems through a combination of Web Policy Agents (WPAs) installed on on-campus servers as well as federated Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) with on-campus and off-campus systems.  UTLogin processes more than 55 million authentication requests annually.

We took a closer look, and between June 2016 and June 2017, UTLogin suffered 22 service disruptions and/or degradations.  Frankly, we took our eye off the ball on this one!  To address this instability, the Identity and Access Management Team went to work.  They brainstormed and developed the UTLogin Stability Roadmap, and rolled it out last June. This roadmap detailed three actions focused on stabilizing, simplifying, and standardizing UTLogin.  This activity has resulted in a vast decrease of service disruptions.  At last check, UTLogin’s availability has been 100% since January 2018!

In parallel, the UTLogin team focused on redeploying UTLogin in a simplified and standard way using industry standards with little to no customization.  The team recently completed the build of the test environment, and verification has begun.  The projected timeline to release UTLogin v2 is early Spring 2019.  Customer transition activities will begin then and are estimated to take a year to complete. More details on customer transition plans will be shared this summer.

Recently Mario Leal checked back with CNS and got a solid thumbs up on the improvements the team had made.  Great work team!  Thanks to the UTLogin team members:  Vani Anappindi - Quality Assurance, Grady Bailey – Engineer, Audrey Barnes - Senior Engineer and Technical Lead, Benjamin Botsford – Engineer, Scott Doane – Engineer, Justin Hill - Project Manager, Mario Leal - Product Owner, Marta Lang - Senior Project Manager, and Aaron Reiser - Business Analyst/Quality Assurance.

We invite you to keep up with UTLogin progress by visiting the project’s information pages:  https://iamservices.utexas.edu/projects/utlogin-stability-roadmap/.