IT Updates

Transition to Enterprise Authentication Project - Update January 2020


The project team has successfully implemented Enterprise Authentication.

The transition of customers from UTLogin to Enterprise Authentication is underway. After this transition, UTLogin will be retired. Due to the volume of customers to transition, the project team expects transitions to be completed by the end of 2020. Subsequently, the project team will begin work on transitioning customers of the legacy "UT Shibboleth" service to Enterprise Authentication.

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Electronic Physical Security System (EPSS) Replacement - Update January 2020


The current Building Access control software (Picture Perfect 4) and theĀ associated hardware devices will be replaced by a more modern EPSS (Electronic Physical Security System), integrated with the video security system, and updated non-proprietary hardware devices.

For more information about the Electronic Physical Security System (EPSS) Replacement, please visit

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Network Access Point (NAP-M) Move - Update December 2019


This effort is scheduled for completion in July 2021.

For more information about the Network Access Point (NAP-M) Move, please visit

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