IT Updates

Two-factor Authentication for Web-based Email - Update June 2018


This project is scheduled for completion by November 9, 2018.

For more information about the Two-factor Authentication for Web-based Email, please visit

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As stewards of information technology and our environment, we naturally promote document solutions that favor PDFs, wikis, websites, email, and other paperless alternatives to printed hard copies.  However, our students still have a significant need for printed materials.

To support this need, ITS launched UTprint in 2012 with 72 printers hosted at 35 departmental locations across campus, and handling all transactions with BevoBucks.  UTprint peaked in 2015 with about 2.8 million pages printed, and though it has declined somewhat, the service is still widely used and is a great convenience for students.

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UTLogin Stability

As many of you know, we provide more than 150 different services to the campus.  Last year during one of my listening tours with the College of Natural Sciences (CNS), I was informed that the ups and downs of UTLogin were greatly impacting their students and staff.  

UTLogin provides centralized authentication (single sign-on) services for more than 250 campus systems through a combination of Web Policy Agents (WPAs) installed on on-campus servers as well as federated Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) with on-campus and off-campus systems.  UTLogin processes more than 55 million authentication requests annually.

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