Transition to Enterprise Authentication Project: Transition Approach and Details

Transition Approch

The Identity and Access Management (IAM) team aims to consolidate current authentication services into one service called Enterprise Authentication, which will use the latest Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) to provide a cloud resilient, stable, single sign-on solution based on standard industry protocols.

The first transition will focus on moving UTLogin customers to Enterprise Authentication. After this transition, UTLogin will be retired. The transition for UTLogin customers is anticipated to begin in September 2019 and end in December 2020. This document contains additional details about the transition.

The second transition, which will focus on moving legacy Shibboleth customers to Enterprise Authentication, will be addressed at a later date.

Actions and due dates

UTLogin customers will be contacted by a transition manager to discuss and schedule their transition(s). Due to the volume of customers to contact, the transition managers will be reaching out to customers between June and October 2019.



Please note that this page will be modified with more information ahead of the transition and throughout, including status, supporting documentation, and any additional information needed to support the transition.