Centralized Authentication Resiliency Enhancement (CARE) Project

October 29, 2015

Due to resource constraints, the CARE project has been put on hold following the conclusion of the architecture assessment phase. The CSC has endorsed the summary presented by the CARE team. The project may be reinstated at a future date.

The Centralized Authentication Resiliency Enhancement (CARE) project will improve the resiliency of the UTLogin and Shibboleth (SAML) authentication services and the TED (uTexas Enterprise Directory) service by implementing off-campus instances of those services and implementing the required connectivity to enable their use by both on-campus and hosted/cloud systems.

Project Goals

The goal of this project is to deploy a resilient, off-campus authentication infrastructure so that the UTLogin, Shibboleth, and TED services remain available if the on-campus components of those services or the campus network becomes unavailable.


The scope of this project will include the deployment of the UTLogin, Shibboleth and Active Directory authentication services and the TED service in an off-campus environment, along with the connectivity infrastructure required to allow both on-campus and remotely hosted services to use them.

In Scope

  • Design and implementation of UTLogin, Shibboleth, Active Directory and TED services in an off-campus environment with appropriate backing data stores.
  • Implementation of a synchronization process for the off-campus instances of UTLogin, Shibboleth, Active Directory and TED configuration data and user store data.
  • Configuration and implementation of required networking/traffic management infrastructure.
  • Training and documentation for parties involved in operating the off-campus environment.

Out of Scope

  • Implementation of two-factor authentication in an off-campus environment. This will be handled in a separate project.
  • Implementation of an off-campus environment for UTLogin clients (e.g., departmental servers that run UTLogin Web Policy Agents).