IGA Modernization

August 9, 2021

August 2021 - The team kicked off the first phase of IGA Modernization.


The target of the first phase of the Identity Governance and Adminsitration (IGA) Modernization program is password management. This includes password self-service, password administration, password support, and sending of password information to downstream systems as appropriate.


The overarching goal for the first phase provides campus users with a modernized password management technology stack.  

The primary goals of the first phase are: 

  1. Migrate self-service password change functionality.
  2. Migrate self-service password reset functionality.
  3. Migrate administrator-assisted password reset functionality.
  4. Continue to provide password information to downstream systems.
  5. Comply with the Information Resources Use and Security Policy (IRUSP) Standard 15 regarding passwords.

The supplemental goals of the first phase are:

  1. Provide an improved and simplified User Interface (UI).
    • Self-service password change functionality.
    • Self-service password reset functionality.
    • Administrator-assisted password support functionality.
  2. Provide training and documentation to key support constituencies.
    • Service-Desk, Office of Admissions, Office of Registrar, etc.
    • Departmental EID Contacts.
    • IAM DevOps Engineers.

To achieve these goals, the project team will adopt an iterative approach to identify, plan, resource, test and monitor the delivery of these goals.


The IGA Modernization program is expected to be a multi-year, multi-phase project.