Guest Authentication Project: Governance

The Lightweight Authentication Project will receive oversight from the IAM Committee and from a Customer Steering Committee.

The IAM Committee will:

  • Establish project goals and scope via the project charter
  • Review and approve any changes to the project scope
  • Review project progress at end-of-phase review checkpoints

The Customer Steering Committee will:

  • Represent the university community in project decision-making and issue resolution
  • Review project progress, including participation in requirements gathering, reviews, end-of-phase reviews and discussion of project continuation
  • Review and approve project changes, such as updates to the project requirements and scope
  • Provide guidance as needed to assist the project team in adhering to the goals and recommendations of the Lightweight Authentication project

Customer Steering Committee Members

Name Organization
CW Belcher ITS Applications
Cesar De La Garza University Development Office
Michael Caldwell Office of Admissions
Steve Rung Office of Admissions
Justin LaSelva Information Security Office
Alex Barth ITS Systems
John Chambers College of Natural Sciences
David Mok International Office
Vadim Gorelik McCombs School of Business
Mark Corry University of Texas Libraries