Next Generation Network

February 12, 2021

Phase 1 contractor current focus:  Central IT Indepth reviews and setting up for Special Tracks

The Next Generation Network Project resolves data network issues identified by both internal and external reviews providing:

  1. Improved service for students, faculty, and staff by providing consistently good wireless and wired networks
  2. Increased security with a focus on protecting faculty research and university intellectual property by responding rapidly to threats
  3. Greater operational efficiency enabling College, School, and Unit IT staff to focus on local missions, while shifting the burden of compliance, accountability, and budgets to central ITS



The university operates a large and decentralized network consisting of more than 13,000 components to support over 300,000 end user devices.  Changing how the network and devices using it operate requires careful planning and and years to execute.  The project has been divided into phases.  Each phase will be approved by university leadership before proceeding.  Only the planning phase has been approved and funded.

Phase 1:  Planning (approved)

Assess the state of network, architectures and technologies, and organizations both centrally and distributed.  Work with the university IT community to formulate recommendations, offerings, plans and budgets.  A contractor has been acquired to assist with this phase and will complete its work early fall of 2021.

Phase 2: Preparation (not approved)

Acquire products, vendors, and staffing to convert to the new technologies, operational and funding models identified in the plans and as approved from Phase 1.

Phase 3: Execution (not approved)

Implement the plans according to the timeline provided, with Idependent Validation and Verification throughout the implementation.  Expected to take three to five years.