Next Generation Network (NGN) Program: FAQs

Next Generation Network Project



General Questions

What is the Next Generation Network Project?

This project will address data network issues identified by both internal and external reviews. The university has contracted with WTC, a small firm specializing in higher education, to perform an evaluation an analysis of the university’s current IT network that provides WI-FI and internet access to students, faculty, staff, visitors and guests. For more information visit the Next Generation Network Project homepage.


What does it mean to change the network?

One of the goals of the Next Generation Network Project is a sustainable network that is more secure with improved service to students, faculty, staff and visitors. What changes may be necessary to achieve this goal will be the product of a final report and recommendations from the vendor, WTC. Those recommendations, anticipated in late Fall 2021, will provide the university a better understanding of what changes may be necessary and what those proposed changes may mean to colleges, schools, and units.


Why is this happening now?

For several years, internal and external reviews have recommended changes to the university’s aging network infrastructure. Our university leadership is being responsive to those recommendations by requesting this project to better understand the current state of our network and gain an understanding of the changes that may be needed to fulfill the vision of a sustainable network with both improved security and increased service quality.


What does this mean for my college, school, or unit?

WTC will work with ITS Support Organizations and business professionals in colleges, schools, and units identified by IT Governance, which includes ITLC and BAITLC. WTC will contact colleges, schools, and units and their IT and business professionals directly.  Here's the link for the May 7th Next Generation Network Town Hall overview on the project and what to expect during the consultant engagements.   (This recording will be available for 1 year.)


Who has been involved in the planning of this project?

IT Governance, the Central Technology Executive Committee, the Information Technology Committee, the Information Technology Leadership Council (ITLC), and the Networking and Telecommunications Standing Committee (NTSC), have been integral in the development and leadership of this project.

Going forward, the project has established a Leadership Committee to provide leadership and direction on business objectives and priorities, a Steering Committee to review and respond to issues that arise during the project regarding policy decisions and operational preferences, and a Working Group to develop a working understanding of the details of the scope and intent of the project and to provide input at key points during work. For more information, visit the Governance page of the Next Generation Network Project website.


How can I contact the Next Generation Network Project if I have questions?

You can contact the Next Generation Network Project by sending an email to:


How can I receive information about the Next Generation Project?

To receive information on the Next Generation Project, you can add your name to the following list:  nextgennetupdates


Project Questions

Which colleges, schools, and units will be involved in the project?

All colleges, schools, and units will be involved. Over 500 units have been identified along with their supporting IT Support organizations to participate in this project. 


Who from my unit will be involved in the project?

IT professionals who support colleges, schools, and units and who currently help maintain part of the university’s network on behalf of their college, school, or unit will be contacted by the vendor, WTC. Chief Business Officers from each college, school, and unit have been engaged and will determine which business professionals from their units may be asked to participate.


What are the Special Tracks associated with this project?

The project has created five “Special Tracks” to develop solutions, document options, and changes from how IT is operated and interfaced with in the current network environment. The special tracks have over 40 representatives from colleges, schools, and units focusing on Research, Facilities, Linus, Desktop, and Audio Visual subject matter areas. For more information, visit the Special Tracks page of the project website.


Will there be future phases of this project?

The Next Generation Network Project was conceived as a multi-phase project with Phase 1 focusing on assessing the state of the current network, architectures, technologies, and organizations. Future phases will be determined by executive leadership after the final report and recommendations for Phase 1 have been completed. For more information on the proposed phases, visit the homepage of the project website.


Will the network be funded centrally in the future?

In late Fall 2021, WTC, the vendor the university has contracted with to assess our network, will deliver a final report and list of recommendations for our executive leadership to consider. A centrally-funded and maintained network may be included in those recommendations, similar to the recommendations provided in several internal and external reviews from previous years. However, university executive leadership will determine the direction the university takes, any future phases of the project, and any future models for network funding based on the findings of Phase 1 of the project.