Administrative Systems Modernization Program Go-Live Readiness

Posted on: January 13, 2016


The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) is starting the New Year with a focus on Go-Live Readiness. The criteria for assessing readiness for go-live have been organized by Project, Product, and Campus. Readiness criteria are being measured and assessed on a quarterly basis.

Here are some highlights from the first, most recent, quarterly checkpoint:

  • Project Readiness The design for Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll is 99% complete. And our HR/Payroll data has been converted into a test environment tenant. Tenant is a Workday term for a copy of a database. The tenant for HCM/Payroll testing is named Prototype 1 (a.k.a., P1). Unit testing for HCM/Payroll is currently 90% complete and on track to be 100% finished by the end of January, 2016. HCM/Payroll playbacks also launch the end of January. Playbacks enable Subject Matter Experts and team members who participated in design sessions to see has been built. Playbacks are an opportunity for our stakeholders to provide feedback, ask questions about what the project team has designed and configured up to this point, and understand how HCM/Payroll processes will be implemented in Workday. The Financial Management team is also on track to complete the Architect stage and will move into the Configure and Prototype stage in February, 2016..
  • Product Readiness 39 Workday gaps have been identified as critical for Go-Live, and product enhancements or suitable workarounds will resolve 14 of these gaps. Workday executives are committed to bringing resolution to the remaining gaps. Further evaluation of identified gaps will be part of the next March 1, 2016, quarterly checkpoint.
  • Campus Readiness New communication channels and readiness tasks are ramping up to help prepare campus units for the January 2017 Go-Live date. Readiness Coordinators for HCM/Payroll are participating in Discovery Groups to identify key use cases and provide input on deliverables for future readiness sessions and workshops. In addition, an Admin IT Wiki and newsletter has been developed for the Administrative IT community. Administrative IT Readiness Coordinators help units plan and coordinate IT activities with ASMP 2.0.

There will be an ASMP 2.0 Town Hall meeting at 10:30 this morning, Thursday, January 14 , in the Avaya Auditorium (POB 2.302). If you are unable to attend the Town Hall Meeting in person, you can watch the meeting live or access it later in the ASMP 2.0 archive. An EID is required to access the link .

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