Administrative Systems Modernization Program News

Posted on: February 5, 2015

The Administrative Systems Modernization Program (ASMP 2.0) is making good progress. ASMP 2.0 consists of four projects: Workday ERP Implementation, Technology Architecture, Data Management, and Application Modernization. Each component focuses on modernizing the University’s business processes which, in turn, is driving technology change.

Last week, Renee Wallace, Associate Vice President for Administrative Systems Modernization, and the Student and Enterprise Readiness teams, presented a Student Town Hall focused on whats next in selecting and implementing the new Student Information System. If you were not able to attend, you can view the Student Town Hall on this website . The recorded session also provides some good background information if you are interested in learning more about how ASMP 2.0 fits into the larger Transforming UT initiative currently underway across campus.

Workday is the new cloud-based human resources/payroll, finance and procurement solution for UT Austin. Currently, the ASMP 2.0 team is conducting design workshops for Workday Recruiting. The team will be presenting the last set of Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll workshops before design reviews begin. Though there is still a lot of work to be done, the HCM/Payroll team and campus Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have made significant strides since the design project launched last summer. They deserve kudos and appreciation for accomplishing so much in such a short period of time.

Also last summer, the Technical Architecture Design and Specifications (TADS) project kicked off with the goal of defining a component-based architecture that is flexible, predictable, resilient, secure and scalable. The project has included participation from 84 campus community members working across eight Subject Matter Expert (SME) groups. These SME groups were tasked with analyzing, evaluating, and identifying the components that would best comprise the University’s future Administrative Technical Architecture. The selections made by each group are currently under final review and are being prepared for submission to the TADS Customer Steering Committee (CSC) for final approval.

It will be an exciting year as Information Technology Services (ITS) and others work to implement the new Technical Architecture. Thanks go to he administrative IT community members who have participated as SMEs and CSC members for this important endeavor. Stay tuned for future FYI sessions that will provide more details about the TADS selections and visit the ASMP 2.0 Technology Architecture page for more information.

Other recent activities include on-campus meetings with Randy Hendricks, President of Workdays Education and Government business and Mike Duffield, General Manager, Public Sector. A big take-away is that UT is a high priority client of Workdays and that Workdays senior leadership understands the challenges of our program here at the University, are aware of areas where Workday may help with our transition, and are committed to our success. In fact Dave Duffield, a founder of Workday will be on campus in March.

These are just some of the highlights. To stay current on the ASMP 2.0 progress, please sign-up for the ASMP 2.0 mailing list .

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