ASMP 2.0 Go Live Update

Posted on: April 21, 2016


Recently, the University Budget Council approved a change to the Go Live date for Workday based on functionality being delivered with Workday release 28 in March 2017. The Business Services Committee of IT governance and campus stakeholders also agreed that moving Go Live to the fallback date of June/July 2017 will enable campus to take advantage of the new functionality. In addition, colleges, schools, and units (CSUs) will have more time to prepare for the transition to more efficient and effective administrative systems.

ASMP teams continue to make steady progress. This month, the ASMP Conversion team completed another Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll data load to support End-to-End (E2E) testing. This is our fifth HCM/Payroll conversion and data load. E2E testing will confirm that all HCM/Payroll business processes are configured correctly and that test scenarios function as expected. E2E testing includes the validation of reports that will support UT Austin’s business operations. E2E testing by the HCM/Payroll team will be conducted from April 25 through June 2016, and the Integrations and Reporting teams will assist.

Other ASMP 2.0 teams are focused and making good progress. The Conversion team is due to wrap up the build of the Financials database this month, and the Enterprise Readiness team is engaged in updating the plans for readiness activities based on the new timeline. Campus leaders on the University Business Officers Council and the HCM/Payroll Advisory Group are engaged as CSU readiness efforts gear-up.

Thanks and appreciation goes to our campus colleagues for support and flexibility as we make steady progress with the ASMP 2.0. Kudos also goes out to ASMP 2.0 team members who are doing an impressive job meeting deadlines and achieving goals.

If you were not able to attend the Town Hall meeting on April 19th, you can go to the ASMP 2.0 Town Hall page and view the session. Also, investing some time exploring the ASMP 2.0 website will be worth your while. There are lots of positive changes ahead!