Construction Projects

January 12, 2022

This work is ongoing. 

In support of capital construction projects, ITS designs, reviews, inspects, and installs communication infrastructure and systems. For fiscal year 2022-2027, there are 13 capital construction projects worth over $718 million (inclusive of projects such as the Energy Engineering Building, Red River Street Realignment, Moody Center Arena, SEA building addition, Texas Athletics Basketball & Rowing Facility, South End Zone addition, Grad Student Housing Complex) on the UT System Capital Improvement Program (total project costs >$10M) for the UT Austin campus.  At any given time there are approximately forty additional active smaller projects (PMCS, ITS, or direct customer engagements). The value provided to the university is connectivity to educate, research, and conduct university business in those new spaces (e.g., wireless/wired Internet access).